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About Us
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Bio Termites Sdn Bhd (Co No.: 1378457-M) is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. With 17 years of market experience, we specialize in providing termite eradication services for residential and commercial properties. Lim Termites Northern Services Team covering areas such as Penang and Kedah, holds extensive expertise in termite eradication. We can assist you in resolving all termite-related issues and offer professional solutions for building protection and ongoing termite prevention.

We employ the latest technologies, including biotechnology and eco-friendly products, ensuring the simplest, most effective, and environmentally safe solutions for dealing with various types of termites. Therefore, it's essential to engage professional personnel for termite elimination in order to thoroughly eradicate termites, termite queens, and colonies. Lim Termites Northern Services Team undergoes comprehensive training to ensure our technicians provide professional services that meet our customers' needs.

Bio Termites Sdn Bhd (Co No.: 1378457-M) 的总部位于吉隆坡,拥有17年市场经验,专为住宅和商业提供消灭白蚁服务。我们北马灭白蚁团队负责槟城,吉打等地区,在消灭白蚁方面拥有丰富的经验,绝对能帮助您处理一切白蚁的问题,也提供专业的建筑保护及维护白蚁防治方案。